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D.Bruce [UA]

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Fresh blood and resident on Criminal Tribe Records since 2015. Debut EP forthcoming in 2017.



Dmitry Shtoda, a.k.a. D. Bruce started doing mostly instrumental music, including hip-hop and trip-hop, in 2009 after he had honed his Fruity Loops Studio skills.

In 2013 Dmitry’s friend introduced him to breakbeat and from there Shtoda showed an interest and curiosity to this genre. From the words of Dmitry at that time he «had not heard anything in this genre except Prodigy, and did not know what they were doing». Dmitry discovered that in addition to The Prodigy, there were other artists and after hearing more breakbeat, he decided to try to write something of his own in that style.

His first writing experience resulted in the track ‘Mentality’ and Dmitry has been writing under the pseudonym D.Bruce since then.


Singles, EP's:

D.Bruce — Breaking Bad/Black Side (single) (2017)

MORE INFO https://www.discogs.com/artist/6179860-DBruce
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