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The Crystal Method [USA]

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The Crystal Method is an American electronic music and keyboardist duo formed in Las Vegas, Nevada by Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland in the early 1990s. Like The Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, The Prodigy and others, are pioneers of the big beat genre. The Crystal Method's music has appeared in numerous TV shows, films, video games, and advertisements. Their album Vegas, was certified platinum in 2007.


The Crystal Method is made up of two members, Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland. Before The Crystal Method was formed, Ken and Scott started working on music while working at a grocery store and while Ken was a local DJ in Las Vegas as well as the college radio program director at UNLV. Ken taught Scott how to DJ, and when Ken moved to L.A. to work for a producer, Scott took over his job DJing at the local club. Scott followed Ken out to L.A., and they formed The Crystal Method in 1993.

By the early '90s, both Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland had moved from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Ken and Scott bought a house together, in La Crescenta, Glendale, California, which had a small underground shelter beneath the front lawn. Originally intending to turn the shelter into a studio, it proved to be an unrealistic idea and the duo set up a studio in their house which was located near a 210 Freeway overpass. They subsequently named their studio The Bomb Shelter. They were interviewed on the front lawn of the house in the documentary Better Living Through Circuitry.

After The Bomb Shelter was built, a tape of The Crystal Method's music found its way to a British DJ named Justin King. King was interested in starting a record label that would showcase American electronic dance acts. King teamed up with a Scot named Steve Melrose to form the record label City of Angels. The first official release from the City of Angels label was The Crystal Method's "Now is the Time". The Crystal Method were signed to Outpost Recordings in 1996.



Vegas (1997)
Tweekend (2001)
Community Service (2002)
Legion of Boom (2004)
Community Service II (2005)
London (2006)
Drive: Nike + Original Run (2006)
Divided by Night (2009)
The Crystal Method (2014)

Singles, EP's:

1996 - Keep Hope Alive
1998 - Comin' Back
1998 - Keep Hope Alive
2001 - Name Of The Game
2001 - You Know It's Hard
2001 - Boom (V0)
2004 - Born Too Slow
2005 - Community Service
2005 - CSII Exclusives
2009 - Bones Theme (Remixes)
2009 - Come Back Clean
2009 - Come Back Clean (The Remixes Pt. 2)
2010 - Sine Language
2011 - Play For Real
2014 - Over It (feat. Dia Frampton) Remix EP


1997 "Keep Hope Alive" Doug Liman
"(Can't You) Trip Like I Do" with Filter
"Busy Child"
1998 "Busy Child" (Lost in Space version)
"Comin' Back"
2001 "Name of the Game"
"Murder" / "You Know It's Hard"
2004 "Born Too Slow"
2009 "Drown in the Now"
"Come Back Clean"
2010 "Sine Language"
2013 "Over It" (featuring Dia Frampton)

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Re: The Crystal Method [USA]

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The Crystal Method ‎– The Trip Home

Label: Tiny E Records ‎– TER027CD
Format: CD, Album 
Country: US
Released: 2018
Style: Electro House, Breakbeat, Breaks, Dubstep

01 The Raze 3:25
02 Holy Arp 3:17
03 Moment Of Truth 4:43
04 Ghost In The City 5:30
05 Turbulence 4:45
06 Carry On 1:34
07 The Drive Inside 3:34
08 Chapter One 2:42
09 Cabin Pressure 5:02
10 There's A Difference 3:01
11 Hold On To Something 3:58
12 Let's Go Home 4:43

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