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Psykosonik [USA]

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Psykosonik included musicians Paul Sebastian, Theodore Beale, Daniel Lenz and Michael Larson. In 1987 Theodore Beale was playing in a cover band called NoBoys. He first met Paul Sebastian at The Underground in Minneapolis and the two men put together a band with Beale on keyboards and Sebastian on guitar and vocals. They found a drummer Michael Larson and a production engineer Daniel Lenz. The band Psykosonik began recording electronic music at Sebastian's apartment where he had a recording studio, and later found performance opportunities in local clubs including First Avenue, 7th Street Entry, and Glam Slam. Their first successful song was "Sex Me Up", which they used as a demo to sign with Wax Trax! Records and TVT Records.

Their first album, Psykosonik, was released in 1993. Their second album, Unlearn, was released in 1995.[6] The hit singles from these albums included "Silicon Jesus" in September 1993, "Welcome to My Mind" in February 1994, "Unlearn" (1995) and "It Has Begun" (1996). The members also appeared in video productions.[8]The band's third album was titled Spiritual Machine. It was completed by 1997 but was never released by the band's label, Wax Trax! Records, which was at this time owned by TVT Records. Because of disagreements with their label, Psykosonik then disbanded.

Daniel Lenz went on to produce a single album with vocalist Brent Daniels titled Searching for the End under the band name Hednoize. In 2001 Lenz launched a short lived project called PsykoHed on He released his debut solo album, Stuck in a Dream, in 2008, featuring guest appearances by Brent Daniels, as well as Paul Sebastien of Psykosonik.

In 2004, Paul Sebastien teamed up with Caesar Filori to release two singles under the name Basic Pleasure Model, titled Sunyata and How to Live. Larson went on to become the audio director for Epic Games and produced the soundtracks for the Gears of War series. Beale, also known as Vox Day, left the field of music and later established video game and publishing companies



Psykosonik 1993
Unlearn 1995

Singles, EP's:

Silicon Jesus 1993
Welcome To My Mind 1993
Unlearn 3 versions 1995
Psykosonik / Alien Factory - It Has Begun 1996
Panik Kontrol (Remix) 1997
Psykosonik / Cirrus - Mortal Kombat Annihilation ‎(12", Promo) 1997

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